[started on the 9th of november 2023] I HAVE A WEBSITE!!!! I CAN DO CODING!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!



brace yourself for spelling errors and newbie coding!!! this website is a work in progress and it's kinda just made 4 myself so it might never be finished.

this is my first ever website, wooooooo! I've nevr done coding before this so I'm learning loads. it's called canis simensis cause that is the latin name for ethopian wolves and they are the coolest animal ever. :)

I have never done coding b4 so I got a layout from HERE it's very cool and helpful.

Check the links in the sidebar for more resources to build your own website!

I was making this new home but I decided to stick to this one instead, it may not be as cohecive as the new one i was making but it's more me

yoooo I realy recomend you check the cool tools section, I updated it and there are so so many cool things now


the base i used to make the background for my giffypet fr3d13 (the little guy above this text) can be found HERE. I think it's based on somthing from homestuck but I haven't read it so idk. If u wanna make ur own giffypet I have it linked under the "cool tools" section in the bar on the right.


remeber I'm a first time coder and I likely won't understand super technical coding language yet if you are trying to give me website advise.

It might take a while for your comment to be aproved.

this page's comment question: does anybody know of any other free webhosting services? I want to try to make a website for some IRL stuff but I don't want to delete this website to do it and I don't want the two sites to be conected Cause that doesn't sound great internet saftey wise. any ideas?

(you can comment things unralated to the comment question, in fact I encourage it)

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