[message from 22nd of november 2023] I have figured out how to make a secound page! Now what do i do with it...


youre on page 2!

not quite sure what this is yet so just gimme a bit of time :)

oh no I broke the page, im gonna delete all the new text one sec

all that work gone :(

some of the images are a little too big to the sidebar is pushed over a bit but I think it's worth it cause the big pics are cool. if you know haw to smallify them plz comment how.

cool images (again)

If you know what the plant in the background of the last image is called PLEASE tell me, I've been trying to find out what it is for ages. My closest guess is that it's heather but i've no clue what kind.


remeber I'm a first time coder and I likely won't understand super technical coding language yet if you are trying to give me website advice.

It might take a while for your comment to be aproved.

this page's comment question: what is/are your faveourite animal/animals?

(you can comment things unralated to the comment question, in fact I encourage it)

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